Scholarship & Activity

Resident Scholarship - Acedemic Interests, Presentations/Projects, Memberships:


Nina Saltify

Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3


Rebecca Ba'Gah

Pediatrics/Psychiatry/Child Psychiatry, PGY-2


John Mark Stone

Categorical Pediatrics, PGY-3

Samiha Alam
• Interests: Emergency medicine, general pediatrics, primary prevention medicine, student/resident education.
• Presentations/Posters: Noon conference presentation- UTIs.
• Research/Projects: QI- Improvement of the pre-rounding process/utilization of the Clinical Summary Tiles feature of SCM.
• Memberships/Committee participation: AAP, Recruitment Committee. 

Caitlyn Anglin
• Interests: Rural primary care with emphasis on educating and offering healthy lifestyle choices in lower socioeconomic areas, primary preventive medicine.
• Membership: AAP, AdvoCATS

Sam Ashe
• Interests: Hospitalist medicine, Med/Peds residency training.
• Presentations/Posters: Oral case presentation for KY American College of Physicians Retreat, 2016- DRESS syndrome.  
• Research: Root cause analysis for a quality safety and improvement project targeting most prominent resident difficulties on Chandler wards, 3/27/17

Dana Barnett
• Interests: Effect of adverse childhood experiences.
• Research/Projects:  QI- Adverse Childhood Experiences: pilot project in gen peds clinic implementing a screening program and support services. QI/Research- Breast feeding outcomes after hypoglycemia in the newborn nursery: does oral dextrose gel improve outcomes over iv dextrose?. QI- Utilization of EMR “Clinical Summary” feature to improve resident prerounding times.
• Memberships/Committee: AAP

Samantha Cappetto
• Interests: Critical care medicine, emergency medicine, hospitalist medicine.
• Presentations/Posters: Local School Board Presentation, Lexington KY- Healthy Lifestyle and its Affects in the Classroom. Poster- "An Eye for an Eye, A Tooth for a Tooth", Society of Hospital Medicine, National Conference, Las Vegas Nevada, May 2017 and Pediatric Hospital Medicine, National Conference, Nashville Tennessee, July 2017.
• Research/Projects: DKA Research: assessing insulin drip vs subcutaneous administration in patients admitted to the ICU vs Floor. QI- Newborn Nursery Dropped Infant/Head Injury Protocol. QI- Clinical Summary Tab usage, Problem List Tab usage. QI- Pediatric Appendicitis Algorithm for Clinical Decision Making.
• Publications: Case Presentation- "A Unique Late Presentation of TAPVR in the NICU" (ongoing).
• Memberships/Committee participation: Society of Pediatric Hospital Medicine, American Medical Association, GME Housestaff Council Pediatric Representative, Pediatric Morbidity and Mortality Committee Member, AdvoCATS Co-President, Pediatric Recruitment Co-Chiar

David Fleming
• Interests:  Physician burnout, leadership, team communication, clinical reasoning.
• Research/Projects: QI- Improving MOST form usage in Kentucky (ongoing).
• Presentations/Posters: Poster- “COAT Clinic, a new clinic model for long-term opioid analgesia therapy” National SGIM Meeting, March 2016. University of Kentucky Pediatric Grand Rounds – Noonan Rounds Presenter, May 2017.
• Membership/Committee: Alpha Omega Alpha, American Association of Hospice & Palliative Medicine

Alexander Goodsell
• Interests: General pediatrics, sports related injuries, vaccination and illness in prevention.
• Membership/Committee: AAP, AMA, Recruitment Committee

Megan Hall
• Interests: General pediatrics.
• Research/Projects: QI – Safe Sleep Principles and Practice in the Hospital and Home
• Memberships: AAP, Curriculum Committee, Schwartz Rounds Resident Representative

Michael Karras
• Interests: Pediatric neurology, resident and medical student education, social and repetitive behavioral deficits of autism
• Research/Projects: QI- Protocols for novel touchscreen technology
• Memberships: American Academy of Neurology

Rebekah Leet
• Interests: Non-surgical orthopedics, global health medicine, child advocacy, care of the medically complex patient, QI for resident workflow/education/and life in general
• Presentations/Posters: Poster- "To Huff and Puff, Case Study of a Child with Recurrent Pneumothoraces Diagnosed with CPAM"
• Research/Projects: * NICU discharge questionnaire: Improving the NICU discharge summary for medically complex patients for the general pediatrician; survey based study design (IRB in progress). *QI- Improvement of the pre-rounding process/utilization of the Clinical Summary Tiles feature of SCM. *QI- Obesity shared decision-making model; choosing an exercise and diet regimen together to improve compliance with patient/family weight loss goals. *QI- Improvement in the treatment of chronic disease with implementation of referral system for our Shoulder to Shoulder Clinic in Quito, Ecuador
• Memberships/Committees: AAP, Lexington Medical Society, Kentucky Medical Association, Christian Medical Dental Association, Program Evaluation Committee Member, Recruitment Committee Co-Chair, AdvoCATS Co-President.

Antonio Lopez
• Interests: Childhood obesity prevention utilizing family life style modification, transition medicine for chronic care patients (CF, sickle cell, autoimmune diseases, and congenital heart anomalies).
• Research/Projects: QI- Addressing Pediatric Obesity in Rural Kentucky (ongoing), QI- Framework for Transition of Care from Adolescent Clinic to the Adult Health Care World (ongoing).
• Memberships: National Medicine-Pediatrics Resident Association.

Senna Munnikhuysen
• Interests: Hematology, oncology, obesity in survivors of childhood ALL.  
• Research/Projects: Incidence of Obesity in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Survivors (ongoing).
• Memberships/Committees: AAP, AdvoCATS officer, Lexington Medical Society, Recruitment Committee.

Janie Ogle
• Interests: Human trafficking.
• Research: QI- Human Trafficking ED Protocol and Clinical Guideline for Hospital System. QI- Human Trafficking Healthcare Personnel Training. QI- Human Trafficking Order Sets and Note Templates
• Memberships: AAP, Lexington Task Force on Human Trafficking
James Polek
• Interests: Mental health, obesity, nutrition, rural medicine.
• Presentations/Posters: Poster – “Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy with Intact Abdominal Fetus”; Poster – “Attitudes and Beliefs Toward the Influenza Vaccine in Livingston County”

Nina Salfity
• Interests: Critical care research (emphasis on prolonged pediatric sedation and quality and safety control), child advocacy.
• Research: QI – The Efficacy of a Kawasaki Order Set in EMR and Whether or not it Helps Alleviate Errors in Test Ordering. Abstract – “Safety of Prolonged Sedation in the Pediatric Population”.
• Presentations/Posters: Poster- “Acceptability of Group Visits for ADHD in Pediatric Clinic”.
• Publications: “Acceptability of Group Visits for ADHD in Pediatric Clinic” April 2017.
• Memberships: Morbidity and Mortality Committee, Quality and Safety Committee, AdvoCATS, AAP Program Delegate.

Christopher Schubert
• Interests: Eating disorders.
• Memberships: AAP, APA, AACAP.

John Mark Stone
• Interests: Pediatric gastroenterology, motility, rural medicine, telemedicine.
• Research: “The Cellie Coping Kit for Children with Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE)” (ongoing). QI- Eating Disorder Order Set. QI- Canceled by Performing Department Lab Group.
• Presentations/Posters: Poster- “Accuracy and Efficiency of Eating Disorder Protocol Order Set”. Poster- “Intussusception as Complication of Celiac Disease”.
• Publications: “Telemedicine in Pediatric Gastroenterology: an Overview of Utility.” (submitted).
• Memberships/Committees: AdvoCATS, Medical Student Education Committee, Lexington Medical Society, Kentucky Medical Association, EMR Committee, Christian Medical and Dental Association.

Friederike Strelow
• Interests: ICU medicine.
• Research: “Relationship Between Intermediate Hypoxemia and Postnatal Weight Gain”.
• Presentations/Posters: Poster- “CCTS: Relationship Between Postnatal Weight Gain and Intermittent Hypoxemia”. Case Report – “8 Day Old Infant with Abdominal Calcification”. Case Report – “Coagulopathy and Garlic Intake.”

Kaylee Struewing
• Interests: Hospital medicine.
• Research:  QI project - PediBOOST /Interdisciplinary Team Rounds.
• Memberships: AAP, Recruitment Committee, AdvoCATS, PediBOOST/Interdisciplinary Team Rounds Committee.

Kate Wimberly
• Interests: Hospital medicine, hospital pediatrics.
• Presentations/Posters: Oral presentation, ACP Kentucky Chapter Resident Retreat - An unusual case of fever and rash - sepsis secondary to parvovirus, March 2017. Resident noon conference, July 2017- IV fluids. Case Report – Sepsis Secondary to Parvovirus.
• Research/projects: QI team leader- Improving Colorectal Cancer Screening.
• Memberships/Committee: Program Evaluation Committee, AAP, ACP.