Salary & Benefits

Salary and Benefits
In addition to the salary and benefits available to all housestaff at the University of Kentucky, the Department of Pediatrics provides residents with additional educational support, including AAP membership, board review materials, and textbooks. Residents are eligible for travel funds to attend academic meetings. Specific salary and benefit information can be found at UK GME and is listed below.

2020-2021 Stipends and Benefits
PGY-1     $55,241.95
PGY-2     $57,306.39
PGY-3     $59,156.71
PGY-4     $61,829.17
PGY-5     $64,825.84

Vacation and Leave
The University provides up to three weeks of vacations per year (10 days for PGY-1 and 15 days for PGY-2). Leave time is also provided for eight holidays plus four bonus holiday days. Annual sick leave is available. Residents must be aware of and meet their specific board eligibility requirements regarding time spent on rotations in that specialty and the maximum time off permitted without requiring makeup of that time.

Health, Vision, and Dental Insurance
The University provides a generous benefits package with a variety of options for health, dental, and vision coverage for Residents and Fellows and their covered dependents. All enrollees are provided the UK Credit for plans and coverage levels.  More information can be found at UK Human Resources regarding plan specifics. 

Life and Disability Insurance Life 
Insurance coverage for one times the amount of annual stipend is provided at no cost to Residents and Fellows. Optional life insurance coverage, up to eight times the annual stipend amount, may be purchased.

Kentucky Dental and Medical Licensure
The University covers the cost of the original licensure plus yearly renewal fees for Dentistry Residents and Fellows and the cost of required original licensures plus yearly renewal fees for Medical Residents and Fellows. Educational Funds Educational fund benefits vary by program, location, and department. Funds may be provided to cover expenses for books, conferences, educational materials, training, and equipment necessary to fulfill employment responsibilities and educational needs.

Additional Benefits
The University also provides additional benefits to Resident/Fellows depending on location and program. These benefits may include pagers, labs, scrubs, meal money, technology, and parking allowances. The University, along with regional campus locations, offers a wide variety of wellness benefits to our residents and fellows. Our goal is to foster a supportive learning environment where our trainees can achieve their highest potential through the integration of the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and economic dimensions of their lives. These opportunities can be explored at GME Wellness.