Who's Who

What Our Residents Have to Say About the University of Kentucky:

“I love the people at our program. I love that there is an atmosphere of support and kindness. I feel like we always have each other's backs and want to help one another be better. I love that whether its the residents, attendings, nurses, RTs, techs or medical students, everyone works a team for the wellness of the patient”  Divya Nagarajan, PGY-3, Categorical Pediatrics 

Halloween with our General Inpatient Pediatric Wards Team 2019

“Back when I did my wards month at UK I knew it was the place for me. I instantly connected with the people, and the way of life here. UK embodied everything I wanted and more including a good class size, great learning opportunities, awesome people, and a comfortable work atmosphere” Chioma Allen, PGY-1, Categorical Pediatrics

Med Peds Resident Burton Hendrickson, Triple Board Resident Haley Wehder, and Categorical Resident Daniel Helfer taking a moment to spread the joy at work!

“How genuine and kind the residents were. It stood out from the other programs. Also loved the Lexington area, and this is coming from a born and raised Californian! A wonderful area to be for residency and maybe beyond!” Gabby Kahler, PGY-1, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Pediatric Resident Guys Night with a little Kentucky Bourbon, 2019 

“I immediately felt at home when I moved to Lexington. I fell in love with the people, the bourbon and the beautiful landscape” Madaleine Meeks, PGY-1, Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry and Pediatrics