Pediatrics Global Health Track

“When the everyday grind takes over, going on a medical brigade not only renews your love of medicine and service, but also gives you the confidence to keep going forward.”
-Janie Ogle , DO PGY-2


The University of Kentucky Global Health Track (GHT) provides the opportunity for pediatric residents and internal medical/pediatric residents to be able to work with underserved populations around the world. The Global Health Tract is a unique program designed to train physicians in clinical medicine, healthy policy, service and research in global health. Clinical training will provide exposure not only to international sites, but will give residents additional opportunities to participate in local sites providing care to underserved populations in Lexington and the surrounding areas.

Residents participate in two, 9 day trips to Ecuador and/or India over the first two years of residency.  During the final year of residency, a one month trip to a site chosen by the resident and faculty, is required.

The GHT also offers didactic sessions, seminars, and the ability to obtain a Certificate in Global Health Public Health through University of Kentucky. The overall curriculum and conferences are designed to address health policy, public health issues, and social factors influencing health and disease in the global context.

Program Highlights

  • Joint Global Health Conference Series with Family Practice. Monthly presentations and discussions on global health issues.
  • Experiences at Baby Health Service, Migrant Health Center, International Adoption Clinic, UK Travel Clinic, UK-Manipal Telemedicine Case Conferences, and refugee clinic.
  • Yearly participation in the Shoulder to Shoulder week-long Medical Brigades to Ecuador or India. Residents will have progressive responsibility in planning the Medical Brigades, with senior residents leading, planning and taking on in-country leadership of the Brigade.
  • In the final year of training, residents will have a one month Global Health Elective in a developing country working in a health center approved by the department.
  • Residents will complete a Scholarly Project on a topic relevant to global healthcare, and have the opportunity to present at resident Noon Conference and Department Grand Rounds.
  • Other non-required opportunities available through the Global Health Track include attendance at the Tropical Medicine annual course and completion of a Global Health Certificate, available through the UK department of Public Health.

Trips Around the World

Sanata Dominigo , Ecuador

“Going on yearly Shoulder to Shoulder trips to Ecuador has been life-changing for me.  I am able to interact with colleagues, residents and students in a multidisciplinary environment while providing much-needed medical care to a very underserved community in Santo Domingo.  It is definitely one of the most rewarding things that I do as a faculty member at UK.”

-Miriam Behar, MD Pediatric Attending 

The Ecuador trip is under the direction of UK Shoulder to Shoulder Global which consists of an inter professional team of faculty and students from Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistants, and Dentistry.  Undergraduate health majors may also join the team of around 45 participants.  The trip is coordinated with our sponsored medical health center in Santo Domingo, as well as joined by faculty and students from Ecuadorian universities. Daily routine consists of visiting clinic with high poverty and indigenous communities evaluating 700-1000 patients throughout the 5 days. The goals of the trip are to coordinate with an interprofessional team, to work in a resource poor environment, experience unique cultures and how to learn with them.  We wrap up the trip with zip lining in a rain forest!

Shoulder to Shoulder, Celebrating 10 Years Together

Mayansandra, India

“You can’t change the whole world , but you can the change it for one person… during these trips one has the opportunity to do so”
- Frances O'Neill, MD PGY-3

 The India trip is a unique experience in inter professional care for children with special health care needs.  Mayasandra, a rural village In southern India, allows the opportunity for residents to work with a unique special needs center that UK Shoulder to Shoulder Global helped to develop.  The team includes pediatrics, developmental pediatrics, special education, physical therapy, and communication disorder therapists.  We develop 3 inter professional teams to assess children with special health care needs and develop treatment plans.  Education sessions are presented to the staff at the special needs center.  Currently up to 100 children are served at this center.  We also visit Manipal Hospital for case conferences in Bangalore, India.  We finish the trip with a cultural experience, such as the Taj Mahal, Kerala, or other culture sites.

4 week Intensive Global Health Course

  Third Year Residents have the opportunity for a one month global health experience. Residents select their destination where they will be an essential member of the team at the community’s hospital and or clinic of their choice. Previous trips include Zambia, Argentina, South Africa, Kenya, Laos and Indian Health Service.  The global health track program’s goal is to
provide opportunities anywhere in the world for residents to be able to serve the underprivileged. The GHT residency program is open to arranging sites to be able to provide a personal growth development opportunity for the resident while providing aid to those in need.

Helping Babies Breathe is an education course produced by the AAP and offered by the Pediatric Global Health Track that teaches the initial steps of neonatal resuscitation within The Golden Minute. This technique is known to save lives and increases the chance of survival in infants who struggle to breathe at birth. HBB neonatal resuscitation techniques that have been shown to reduce neonatal mortality by up to 47% and fresh stillbirths by 24%. Our course offers certification via curriculum that is designed to specifically meet the needs of resource limited environments and provides a unique opportunity for our residents.

Dr. Thomas Young, Program Director

Leader of Medical Brigades to Ecuador and India for the past ten years, Dr. Young successfully established a permanent medical facility just outside Santo Domingo, Ecuador in 2007.

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