Simulation Center

The Keeneland Concours Pediatric Simulation Center is an exciting new upgrade to the Pediatrics Residency Program at Kentucky Children’s Hospital. Through the generous donation of the Keeneland Concours Group, we have been able to purchase major upgrades to our simulation center. Our center now offers task training in ultrasound guided, central venous catheter insertion, as well as lumbar punctures. We currently have four high fidelity child simulators, three of which are tetherless. This allows the simulation leader to remove themselves from the immediate learning environment, thus increasing the fidelity of the simulation experience. With the expansion of the simulation center comes new and exciting offerings. An online PALS recertification is currently in production, a new curriculum for medical student and resident simulation is being created along with prolonged, multidisciplinary, multi-unit simulations. A newly formed Pediatric Simulation Committee at Kentucky Children’s Hospital, consisting of members from the NICU, PICU and Hospital Pediatrics, is currently planning extensive use of simulation technology within their various locations. We can guarantee that you will be involved in “Sim” while here at KCH.